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9 Point Plan for Bristol

This policy summary was put together for the 2013 local elections, if you want to find more then follow the links on this page or go to our policy page.

Bristol: a Working Green City

  • We think that our economy should not destroy the natural systems of the planet on which we all depend
  • The wealth of Bristol should be distributed more fairly amongst people
  • Bristol City Council should procure more from local businesses and organisations
  • Affordable childcare is central to an economically successful Bristol
  • The Green Party is fundamentally opposed to the cuts to public services that have resulted in spiralling unemployment
  • We support the Bristol Pound
  • Ensure resources continue to be available to support people starting Co-ops and social enterprises
  • Support the introduction of the Living Wage.

Find out more here on Bristol Green Party Economy Policy.

A good local state school for every child

All young people have the right to receive a high standard of education at their local school regardless of their background, their parents’  income, where they live and their level of ability. And all people, no matter what their age, have the right to lifelong learning.

Find out more here on Bristol Green Party Education Policy.

Greens will help you save Energy, save Money and save the Planet

Energy prices are only going to go up and the best way to save money is to use less energy in the first place.  We will help you manage your energy costs by signposting funds for home insulation and enable you to do your bit in the battle against climate change.

Find out more here on Bristol Green Party Energy Policy.

Prevention is better than Cure. Healthcare is not a commodity to be bought or sold

Over and above the absence of illness and ailments, the health of our citizens is determined largely by access to meaningful work, support for active lives and access to good food. Healthy communities, which are inclusive and have a range of local facilities, also support individual health.

 Find out more here on Bristol Green Party Health & Social Care Policy.

High streets are the heart  and soul of our city

The ‘High street' is more than just a collection of shops, it is a hub of social interaction where goods and services are bought and exchanged and where members of the community can engage with each other. Though the Green party will focus on revitalising the local shops and services, we acknowledge that all high streets have their own personalities and should be ‘free to develop’ rather than ‘be developed’ by the Council.

 Find out more here on Bristol Green Party High Streets Policy.

Ensuring affordable green housing for all

  • The Green Party strongly opposes the introduction of the bedroom tax
  • Bristol Greens will work towards  building quality council homes and to renovate those that remain empty
  • Helping people at risk of repossession keep their homes via a Right to Rent scheme and the Homelessness Prevention Fund, which Bristol Green Party recently saved from the cuts
  • We support the development of housing co-ops and co-housing projects in the city
  • We support the expanded programme to bring back into use empty private sector homes in Bristol
  • The Green Party in Bristol will give social housing tenants greater control over the management of their homes and neighbourhoods
  • We will promote improving the quality of housing stock to help reduce household bills with energy efficient and water saving upgrades, as exemplified by the Open Homes that Bristol Green Doors have organised.

 Find out more here on Bristol Green Party Housing, Planning and Green Spaces Policy.

A strong community is a safe community

We believe you should have the right to feel safe wherever you live in Bristol. If you feel safer, you will also feel happier and prouder of the area you live in. We believe this can be achieved through stronger community cohesion

The coalition cuts will reduce police numbers and threaten community relations. We oppose them in the name of a stronger and safer community

Find out more here on Bristol Green Party Public Protection Policy.

F.A.I.R.  transport – transport that is Frequent, Affordable, Integrated and Reliable – run for public benefit

  •  The Bristol Green Party will work towards bringing buses back under public control
  • We need an integrated traffic management plan and cycle path network, to favour active travel
  • Public transport needs to be cheap, regular and running along the routes that people want to travel. The Bristol Metro project will make the most of our railway network
  • We need to have a local integrated transport authority or board which can bring in expertise to help improve the local transport system, run for people and not for profit
  • Build a transport hub on plot 6 next to Temple Meads train station
  • We will focus subsidies on a public transport service that meets community needs, not on private operators.

 Find out more here on Bristol Green Party Transport Policy.

Clean city – healthy planet

Demand for resources is greater than ever.  We must make recycling and reusing resources as easy as possible.  We should reward reuse and recycling where necessary.  Bristol should be a model for a different way of working in which the maximum possible quantity of redundant materials is re-used or recycled.

 Find out more here on Bristol Green Party Waste & Recycling Policy.

National Policies

Visit for details of Green Party national policy.

Better Transport

Better Transport

Making public transport public

Free Education

Free Education

Quality Education, No Tuition Fees

Safe Climate

Safe Climate

Fossil free, affordable energy

Decent Homes

Decent Homes

Secure, affordable housing for everyone

Fair Economy

Fair Economy

An economy that works for all

Public NHS

Public NHS

Taking back our health service

9 Point Plan for Bristol

9 Point Plan for Bristol

This policy summary was put together for the 2013 local elections

A Green Plan For Bristol

A Green Plan For Bristol

The Green Party is not just concerned about the environment.

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