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Welcome to the December edition of the Bishopston E-news

Play !

Daniella recently went ice-skating and it was great to see adults and children alike taking risks, learning, laughing and letting go. The next Bishopston Forum is going to focus on the topic of outdoor play, how can we encourage more of it in our communities ? We think there are a number of public health benefits that result from more outdoor activity at all ages. Please come along and contribute or listen to the debate.

On Thursday 11th December at 7 pm Brunel Field School, Arthur Milton Street.

News from Tim

I am pleased that we are making slow but steady progress on fixing some longstanding issues with the Ardagh building. The roof has been properly repaired (it stood up to recent downpours) and some water damage redecorated. I hope that rewiring and fire safety issues will be sorted soon so that the building can be officially up to standard. That will allow the Project Ardagh team to take the next steps towards a possible community transfer. I hope there will be more news on that quite soon.

The development committee for the Memorial stadium delivery hours (see below) was the first time I have attended a planning committee as a local councillor.  I have to say that I was quite disappointed at how little discussion or questioning there seemed to be around issues that as local councillors we know are very important to residents.  It has led me to start thinking about how the overall planning process might be changed to work more in favour of the views of local people (a big ask, but something I feel is very important).

In the council itself I continue to spend time examining the budget plans and the council's change programme. We welcome the extra money available this year (see below for the consultation on how best to spend that). As green councillors, we are emphasising that wise decisions have to be made about the whole council budget - not just the welcome surplus. We will specifically be pressing to try to ensure that proper account is taken of council services and areas that have particularly struggled this year to respond to the budget cuts.

News from Daniella

This autumn has gone by in a rush. One of the highlights for us as Greens was getting our motion to full council passed on supporting the Independent Living Allowance. This is a scheme that supports disabled people and allows them to live independently. It is being transferred to the Council from central government and we want to make sure that it is well-funded and that elegibility for it will remain the same. At our Neighbourhood Partnership we are working on widening participation on how we can hear more from young people and those with learning difficulties.  I am also working with the women’s commissions to come up with an action plan for implementing the European Charter for Equality between Women and Men.  I am working on representation and a campaign to try to have 50% women councillors by 2016.


GCCC floodlights application – Consultation Extended
Gloucestershire County Cricket Club have applied to put up 6 x forty-five metre floodlights on their grounds. The reason is that the English Cricket Board have stated that they need floodlights to apply for World Cup matches, they would also like to host slightly later 20/20 matches on Friday evenings.

Following the initial consultation, Bristol City Council Planners have requested more information from the Club on light spill , lux levels and why other options for lights were rejected.  This means that the original consultation which was due to end on the 4th December will be extended.

Concerns have already been raised about amenity issues around the grounds as a result of having the lights. We will be asking for restrictions on how often they are used, how improved stewarding arrangements will work, as well as firm switching off times.

Memorial Stadium – Delivery Hours Application
The Council planning committee granted Bristol Rovers application to extend delivery hours from 5 am until midnight for the proposed Sainsbury’s. Tim and Daniella both sent objections and made statements to the committee, as did many local people. The decision was incredibly disappointing and gives local residents a real concern that their sleep will be disturbed by articulated lorries if the Supermarket goes ahead.

Bristol North Baths
We are pleased that work has restarted on the Bristol North Baths site with a completion date of 27th February 2015.

Despite the frustrating delay, we are pleased that the council has found a way forward with the developer to address the issues that they found initially and that the developer is now completing the works to the required standard.

Daniella and Cllr Fi Hance and Assistant Mayor Gus Hoyt were given a tour on the 22nd to see how work is progressing.  The health centre is looking good, and it is lovely to see the entrance hall being returned to its Victorian splendour with the original flooring being restored.  The library is also taking shape, it has a central staircase, double-height front window, and even  a light-pipe. The new development will include public toilets but remember there are some replacement toilets just up next to Ocean on Sommerville Road.

Local Events

North Bristol Arts Trail
29th- 30th November

Gloucester Road Central  Christmas Party
4th December 5.30- 8.30 pm
Come and join us at a Christmas celebration with food, drink, live music and late night opening of local shops.

Tree planting on Horfield Common
Thanks to the amazing work of the Friends of Horfield Common, trees are going to start being planted on Horfield Common in December.

Window Wanderland
Saturday 7th February 5pm-8 pm.
All residents of Bishopston are invited to show their artistic side by creating a display or show in the front of their home to be seen from the street or garden. For more information or to get your home on the trail map, simply email Lucy at Maybe you could lend your window to another artist if you don’t want to display?  Visit

Walking Map Project Update
We have reached a good milestone, we have chosen are walking routes and are busy mapping them. We are also in the process of commissioning a local map designer and thinking up a second stage of the project that may enable us to display the map around the ward.

Consultation on Libraries

There is a very important consultation out at the moment on the future of libraries. The budget last year proposed cutting a substantial amount out of the money spent on libraries part of the austerity measures. Libraries are a vital part of our civic life, but do need to change, and could become better.  One idea is that libraries could be places where other council services are delivered.   Please help influence that change and give your views here: The consultation runs until 2nd February 2015.

Consultation on some of the budget

The Mayor is consulting on how he should spend £3.9 million that has been found from extra council tax. Go to  for more details. The consultation runs until the 30th December 2014. 

Incredible Edible comes to Bishopston

Incredible Edible is a nation wide project aimed at increasing the amount of food we grow in our streets, gardens and communities.

There is a kick off project to grow food on Horfield Common, and the hope that this may spark off other local food growing ideas and initiatives.

The first meeting date is December 6th at 11am to start digging and preparing the beds. Bring any hand tools and gloves - and if anyone has any rotted horse manure or top soil then let us know! Bring along any one who may be interested - even if they don't fancy picking up a shovel!

The Ardagh will have a wonderful pop-up cafe for all visitors too.

The second meeting date is 18th January (time to be confirmed) Please get in touch if you know a school or a group who would like to get involved at any point.

Kind regards

Cllr Daniella Radice (
Cllr Tim Malnick (

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Bishopston & Ashley Down

Bishopston  Ashley Down

Bishopston & Ashley Down ward has a central spine of Gloucester Road, with Kellaway Avenue and Muller Road providing the western and eastern boundaries respectively. We have one Green councillor in Bishopston & Ashley Down: Eleanor Combley

Daniella Radice

Daniella Radice

Daniella Radice, Ex-Councillor for Bishopston

Tim Malnick

Tim Malnick

Tim Malnick, Ex-Councillor for Bishopston

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