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Green candidate Carla Denyer will be only ‘Unite to Remain’ candidate in Bristol West

Green party welcomes news that Carla Denyer will be only ‘Unite to Remain’ candidate in Bristol West.


  • The Liberal Democrats have stood aside for Green Party candidate Carla Denyer
  • Negotiation was led by Unite to Remain, with objective of standing a single Remain candidate in some constituencies
  • Greens are now the only challenger to Labour in the key marginal seat


Carla Denyer, the Green Party candidate for Bristol West, has welcomed the news that the Liberal Democrats have stood aside in the key winnable constituency to ensure Remain voters have a clear choice in the General Election on December 12th.


The news comes alongside similar electoral arrangements in other key strategic constituencies, where the Green Party, Liberal Democrats and Plaid Cymru have agreed to work together to avoid splitting the Remain vote. Labour have consistently refused to participate in any electoral alliance.


Carla said: “This election is now a clear choice: people can vote to renegotiate a Brexit deal with Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party, or they can vote Green for a party that’s unequivocally for a People’s Vote AND Remain.”


Labour, who currently hold all four of Bristol’s parliamentary seats, had a disastrous result in the European Elections earlier in the year, falling to fourth place in the city behind the Greens, Liberal Democrats and the Brexit Party.


A spokesperson for the Green Party said: “No matter what Labour candidates say individually at local level, they will all be standing on a manifesto of renegotiating a Brexit deal. In the 2017 General Election, votes for Labour were counted as votes for Brexit. People are understandably furious and many are telling us they won’t be voting Labour again.”


Carla added: “I would like to thank the Bristol Liberal Democrat candidate for taking a brave position and standing aside in Bristol West. I’m so disappointed that Labour have chosen to put party before country and risk a Tory hard Brexit. We want to promote a politics of hope and of grown-up thinking to build a bright future for everyone in England and Wales.”


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