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Cllr Carla Denyer

Councillor for Clifton Down

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Phone: 0117 3526155 / 07469 413306
Bristol City Council Website: Carla Denyer


Carla Denyer was elected Councillor in 2015 and represents Clifton Down ward (previously known as Clifton East).

Carla’s priorities for Clifton Down include an integrated and reliable transport system for pedestrians, cyclists and public transport alike, as well as campaigning for affordable and decent housing for everyone through measures such as landlord licensing and rent controls. Carla hopes to increase council service responsiveness and safeguard and develop community facilities. In regards to the latter, Carla teamed up with University of Bristol student ambassadors and a local community association to improve street lighting in unsafe dark spots around St. John’s Road.

When the Labour administration planned cuts to the Council Tax Reduction Scheme, Carla challenged Labour’s proposal on the grounds that it would result in a tax rise for the city’s poorest households. Working alongside ACORN tenants union, she and other Green councillors successfully persuaded the Mayor to announce a u-turn on his proposals. Carla has also been involved in drafting and proposing Green amendments to Council Budgets to prevent some of the worst cuts to essential Council services – In February 2018 her amendment to reverse some of Labour’s damaging cuts to the vital Local Crisis Prevention Fund (which provides emergency payments for some of the most vulnerable people in the City) was successfully passed at the Council’s annual budget meeting.

Carla has also pushed forwards with several different campaigns including the Air Quality campaign to improve Bristol’s air, calls to increase affordable housing, the proposal of a Bristol living rent, a ‘Robin Hood’ tax on financial transactions, and fossil fuel divestment (which was instrumental in the University’s full divestment commitment announced in March 2018).

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