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Cllr Eleanor Combley

Councillor for Bishopston & Ashley Down

Contact Eleanor

Phone: 01173 526155 / 07584 370427
Bristol City Council Website: Eleanor Combley


Elected councillor in 2016 for the Bishopston and Ashley Down ward, Eleanor Combley is also the leader of Bristol’s Green Councillor Group.

Eleanor lives in and cares about her ward. As well as working hard in City Hall, whether in her role as group leader, on Licensing, or in her work on Health, Education and Social Care, she tries to keep a strong focus on her local area, supporting community groups and campaigns, and being responsive to individual residents who raise issues with her. Some of her key local priorities are community cohesion, and safe routes for walking and cycling.

As leader of the Green councillor group, Eleanor has been influential in contributing to various local Green campaigns, such as the Group’s successful Air Quality campaign which she supported through survey work and promoting the petition across Bishopston, Ashley and Lawrence Hill. In February 2018 Eleanor helped lead Green councillors in challenging the Mayor’s proposed cuts budget, putting forward amendments which would prevent some of Labour’s cuts to vital council services. Eleanor’s budget amendment calling for the council to build two specialist children’s homes passed successfully – it will save the council money and mean less children with complex needs are sent outside of Bristol for care. The same month Eleanor also went to London to join Caroline Lucas in lobbying the treasury for an end to local government austerity.

To read about some of the latest work Eleanor has been doing, please click here.

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Eleanor does not have regular surgeries but is happy to meet in person - please contact her via the details above to arrange.

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