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Greens bid to win Bristol West – launch crowdfunder

  • Candidate Carla Denyer has launched a crowdfunder campaign aiming to raise enough funds to take the seat from Labour.
  • Greens in strong position to win after euro results place them ahead of Lib Dems, and Labour suffered devastating electoral defeat.

Carla, the Green Party candidate for the key seat of Bristol West, has launched her fundraising campaign following the confirmation that a General Election will take place on 12th December.

Carla said: “Unlike the other political parties, the Green party doesn't have backing from wealthy corporate donors or trade unions to rely on. Our support comes from grassroots activists and supporters giving small amounts that add up to big wins.”

The Green Party dramatically outperformed expectations in the recent local elections, helping to topple numerous Conservative and Labour council administrations across England and Wales. The recent European elections saw them win across the city of Bristol, ahead of the Liberal Democrats and knocking Labour and the Conservatives into fourth and fifth place respectively.

Carla added: “This is the breakthrough moment. People want to send a clear message that they want a People's Vote on Brexit, a strong campaign to remain in the EU, and real action to tackle climate change. The Green Party, and only the Green Party, is offering all three of those things. My message to voters is “Yes to Europe. No to Climate change. The Greens can win in Bristol West, so get involved! The time is now!”

You can donate to the campaign at:


Candidate Biography

Carla is a Green Party councillor in Bristol. In 2018 she proposed the first Climate Emergency motion in Europe, committing Bristol to go carbon neutral by 2030. This started a wave of similar motions across the country, with over 200 local authorities, plus the UK Parliament and Scottish and Welsh governments, having now declared a Climate Emergency. Before entering politics, Carla worked as an engineer in the renewable energy industry, specialising in offshore and onshore wind technology. She was also a candidate in the 2019 European Elections for the South West.

EU election results

Graph of EU results in Bristol:

Raw results:

Videos and photos

Short video available on crowdfunder page:

Photos available at:



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