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Monday, 11th Feb 2013 by Graham Woodruff

10 ways to cut your CO2 emissions

  1. Don your woolly socks and turn your thermostat down one degree. This should save you 8% on your fuel bills, depending on what part of you dons the sock.
  2. Never get lost again: invest in a GPS system for your car - or a trusty  road atlas. You'll save fuel and avoid arguments with your co-pilot.
  3. Share a bath with someone.  Who knows where it might lead?
  4. Look out of the window. Travelling by train or bus instead of taking the car will give you lots of time for reading, listening to music, daydreaming  and also cuts down on road rage - how  many times have you honked a horn at the person sitting in front of you on  the bus?
  5. Visit your local library. You'll be supporting your local community, reducing the emissions associated with book miles, and reading makes you dead clever.
  6. Only boil the water you need. If everyone in the country did this, we would save enough energy to run the nation's street lighting. Or just make Bristol really, really bright so you could see it from space.
  7. Buy local produce. Not only does this cut food miles, but washing all the mud off your local veg will help keep you warm.
  8. Buy an outfit from your local charity shop. A great way of updating your  "look" without slavish adherence to the rules of fashion. Plus, it's for a good cause, won't break the bank, and reduces both clothes miles and sweatshop labour.
  9. Take your holiday by train. Did you know that travelling to Paris on the Eurostar costs as little as £60 return?
  10. Share a shallow bath with a friend in Brussels, wearing woolly socks from your local charity shop, eating a carrot, reading a library book and using your GPS to find out why you're not in Paris.

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