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Monday, 5th Jan 2015 by John Smith

Bristol Action For Rail - Protest January 2015

Recently, the Bristol Green Party, along with other concerned groups, held a protest outside Temple Meads train station against the New Year train fare increases, and the establishment's ideological preference for privatisation.  Our, newly appointed,  Trade Union Liaison Officer, Will Quick, has written a blog article on his own site to describe the day, and here is a sample of that, and a link. 

"After a long day’s work, as the light faded and the January cold set in you would think most people would be in too much of a hurry to pay much attention to a group of activists banging on about the relative strengths and weaknesses of different models of rail ownership – another obstacle between them and their home.  However, such is the strength of feeling against the current state of affairs on our railways that we were very well received.  We actually ran out of leaflets after an hour and a half – giving out around a thousand.  Only one person verbally refused me, explaining that she was ‘a conservative’.  Quite a few people even stopped to have fairly lengthy and engaging conversation with us – before rushing off for their train, or house.  Almost everyone seemed to regard us and our interruption of their commute positively...”

Full article here:

Action for Rail

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