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Wednesday, 6th Aug 2014 by Graham Woodruff

Green councillor position on metrobus 3 and the blue finger

Greens are delighted that so many people have raised their concerns over the possible loss of the fantastic ‘Blue Finger’ land.

Greens have taken a number of actions to express their opposition to this proposal.  

Councillor Charlie Bolton coordinated a letter of opposition signed by 2 MPs and 11 councillors from 3 parties. It was signed by 5 Green councillors (text shown below). He said

"Loss of Feed Bristol, the Blue Finger or encroachments onto Stoke Park is quite simply unacceptable. Any Metrobus proposal needs to leave these areas alone."

Councillor Bolton was also the author of a motion submitted to the most recent council meeting, again asking for a rethink of this part of the route. He and Councillor Radice voted against the Sites Allocation proposals  again because of its inclusion of the park and ride being included in that area.

At a Cabinet Meeting where the decision was taken to progress with the South Bristol Link, Councillor Hoyt spoke out against the scheme calling it "a ring-road by any other name" and said he’d actively encourage those who wished to sit in front of the bull-dozers.

Views on other parts of the project vary. For example, Councillor Bolton also has significant concerns over how the project might impact on Bedminster Parade and East St. Other councillors see some merit in the project overall (subject to the concerns mentioned).

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