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Tuesday, 4th Feb 2014 by Tess Green

Green Party Response to Cllr Window’s Statement on Homophobic Comments:

Bristol Green Party Councillors regret that Cllr Windows has not been able to acknowledge that his remarks at a full council meeting in 2011 were homophobic. We feel that the lack of understanding in his statement shows that his attitude has not changed. We therefore will not be able to support his proposed nomination for Lord Mayor.  He stated that he felt that the visit to schools by Sir Ian McKellen might lead to young people to ‘come out’ and therefore identify themselves as targets for the bullies.  In fact, the sessions were intended to foster understanding and reduce bullying. 

Tess Green was at the council meeting when Chris Windows made his remarks about Ian McKellan visiting schools and she said "I was shocked at what Chris said and was in no doubt that his remarks were homophobic. I had hoped that equalities training would change Chris’ attitude but his statement shows that this is not the case."

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