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Thursday, 1st Feb 2018 by Charlie Bolton

Letter: Response to the article - Council accused of ‘pandering to the cycling lobby’

Green Cllr Charlie Bolton's letter to the Post: 

Dear Sir

I am in no way surprised to see Richard Eddy attacking a Council proposal to improve cycling and walking (Council accused of ‘pandering to the cycling lobby’ by removing Bristol footbridge in £280,000 scheme, Post, 30/1/18).

Local Tories have ‘previous’ when it comes to attacking cycling schemes. One can only assume they have either forgotten or ignored the massive health and congestion benefits of cycling and walking. They may also have forgotten that the scheme is funded through the government’s Cycle Ambition Fund, which his own party set up.

I would, however, refer Councillor Eddy to the Post report on the opening of the South Bristol Link road (The South Bristol Link Road is about to open - this is what it will mean for drivers). At a massive cost of £45m for a 4.5km stretch of road this ‘pandering to the car lobby’ will cost roughly £10,000 per metre – so I suggest Richard gets a sense of proportion.


Cllr Charlie Bolton 


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