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Thursday, 27th Feb 2014 by Charlie Bolton

Letter to the editor: Cycling in Amsterdam Reply

Dear Sir

It is a shame to see Sid Weber continue with the abuse levelled at cyclists started by Tory councillor Richard Eddy ('Cyclists are arrogant and self-righteous', letters, 25th February). I am therefore not surprised that he has missed the point that my letter was trying to make.

A cycle network will increase the numbers of cyclists for several reasons. Experienced cyclists may use the road, but will know how much more pleasant an experience it is to use cycle path - and with more routes, will cycle more. Inexperienced cyclists will be nervous and can be given more confidence to cycle on road through cycle training, but also more opportunity to avoid traffic by having separate routes. Leisure cyclists get more places to go. And beginners have more options to get started.

The truth of it is that by building a cycle network for the whole of Bristol, you'd get fanstastic value for money. A whole network for around two thirds of the cost of a couple of BRT routes. But it doesn't stop there. The city wins because by converting motorists to cyclists, we have less congestion. It wins because  cyclists are healthier. It wins because we reduce levels of air pollution, and cut greenhouse gas emissions. Even Mr Weber and Councillor Eddy would win, there would be fewer cars congesting the roads they use.


Charlie Bolton
Green Party candidate


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