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Thursday, 2nd Feb 2017 by Charlie Bolton

Planning objection to Pring And St Hill Ltd Malago Road Bristol BS3 4JH

This blog post gives the reasons that Green councillor Charlie Bolton has given for objecting to the Pring and St Hill Rollo homes development.

16/06785/F | Redevelopment to provide 217no. apartments in a 6-10 storey building with associated parking and hard/soft landscape works (Major application). | Pring And St Hill Ltd Malago Road Bristol BS3 4JH

I would like to lodge an objection to this application for the following reasons:

- Lack of affordable housing

I regard the lack of affordable housing in this development as completely unacceptable

- Lack of a plan for the area as a whole and what seems to be turning into an active free-for-all

I raised questions with the previous mayor - with no satisfactory response - about concerns that I and other residents have over the huge increase in numbers of residences in that part of Bedminster. There seems to be no consideration of the impact of these on schools, and a whole range of community facilities. It is as though it is Bedminster and no one cares.

- Meaning a lack of local services to go with a considerable increase in population

- Suggestion that this is turning into a free-for-all which will combine the worst elements of all applications

As many of us know, URBIS at least had a master plan for the area. But if other developers can wade in and buy individual plots and come up with their own plans renders this plan more or less meaningless

- Assurances that St Catherines was an enabler which would lead to considerable affordable housing in the other developments which seem to be disappearing into the sunset

I supported the previous development at St Catherines Place. I supported it - at least partly on the understanding that it would act as an enabler - meaning that approval would lead to significant amounts of affordable housing in the remaining development. I note that Rollo homes use St Catherines as a precedent for the height of their proposals, then they should take the full precedent on board and include affordable housing.

- Poor community involvement

I see the developers report states:

In this instance the development of the site has been the subject of two initial planning
permissions with extensive consultation, the draft Bedminster Green Framework
included the site and was the subject of extensive consultation and the current proposal was presented to the local BS3 Planning Group.

I understand that URBIS have responded to the effect:

' I have read the documentation provided to support this application and noted that it makes numerous references to the Bedminster Green Framework. For clarity I must confirm that this application does not form part of the overall strategy and framework plan proposed to the council in the referenced Pre-App document and is an independent application for a standalone site. As such it does not reflect the the consultations previously carried out in relation to the Pre-App.'

The developers SCI says:

The BS3 Group is made up of local councillors, voluntary and community organisations,
private businesses and public agencies within the Bristol wards of Southville, Bedminster.

This isn't true. The neighbourhood partnership is made up of these people and organisations. The BS3 planning group is one of the groups that feeds into the partnership, and is made up of those who are interested in planning issues.

This report also states:

The physical model as well as the 3-D model were presented and viewed at the
BS3 Group meetings and at the Members Briefing

I'm not sure what a Members briefing is, but I was not invited to any such event. I have spoken to one of the Windmill Hill councillors who has also had no contact with the developers of this plan. Nor have I.

- Potential air/noise pollution impacts on residents and neighbours

The site is located on Malago Road. Given that Bedminster Parade has air pollution levels which break EU annual limits, as does Parson St. One has to suspect that this location will also break air pollution limits.

Having visited the site recently, I was also aware of the level of noise. Both of these need to be addressed

- Lighting impacts on neighbours

I have been told of concerns from neighbours over the over-shadowing impact of the flats, particularly on the flats on Malago Road. It may be that such a large development will also have impacts on other aspects of neighbours health.

- Height / breaking council policy -

It has been suggested to me that the proposal breaks council policy on heights of buildings. I am aware that this is a particular concern for many.

- Recycling

From a personal point of view, I don't know that I object to the height per se (although I might well if I had to look at it). I do increasingly suspect that a tall building will result in low levels of recycling, simply because people will have to go further to recycle. (I can't prove this though).

- Increase in numbers of vehicles locally

I am aware of residents who regard this as a particular concern. From a Southville ward point of view, I might suggest that RPS permits are not issued with the development. That obviously doesn't help those in Windmill Hill.

- Ugly design at least at base

I'm told that the design at the base of the is of some sort of aluminium finish. I am unable to access docuents via the planning portal at the time of writing, so cannot confirm this. But it sounds pretty ugly.

- The fact that it is a tall block all the way through and will block any views ie density

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