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Wednesday, 26th Jul 2017 by Charlie Bolton

RPS in Southville and Bedminster East

Changes to RPS in Southville and Bedminster East

 This webpage details the changes as at 26/7/2017 to the RPS zones in Bedminster East and Southville. These are prior to any formal consultation, and some details are still being ironed out.

If you have any comments, especially 'hold up your hands in horror' comments, please get in touch:

Extension of zone across North St into Ashton

This will not take place. The council have refused to take on board our request for an extension of the zone to ea limited number of streets.

They have said a new zone will be considered but only if it can be shown that it has widespread support. Given we do not know what this means in practice, you have to reckon any such new zones are some years away.

 Hours and days of operation

There is likely to be an increase in hours and days of operation. To help us better understand the demand for this, please complete the following (simple) survey:

Proposed changes to Southville



Beauley Road

Top end – reduce DYL/increase bay by upto 8.9m


Change road to mixed use


Increase PandD to 5hrs, allow return without penalty

Camden Road

Small extension to bays nr no 40

Coronation Road

Remove parking on river side. Reinstate some on house side


Extend bay by 153


Turn bay by Avon Packet to shared use from PandD

Dean Lane

Make school Keep Clear signs mandatory


Remove bays by Southbank club and make DYL

Gathorne Road

Small extension to space available by removal of DYL over dropped kerb

Greville Road

Increase space available at bottom end near Upton Road

Greville St

Add some 10m or so of bays/reduce DYL near top

Hamilton Road

Small increase in space (2.2m) near top

Howard Road

Remove bays near Dalston Road (on Dalston Road side)

Leigh Road

Remove bay by Ashville pub (safety measure for Chalcroft House)

Lydstep Trc

Remove 3.5m of DYL by no 19

Morley Road

Extend bay on one side to no 22

Gathorne Rad

Remove DYl at North St end by dropped kerb

North St

Loading bay by Ashton fruit and veg

North St

DYL by Lion stores

Frayne Road

Make house side resident only

South side of North St

To be included in scheme???

North St nr Upper Sydney St

Change Pand D to shared use

Park Road

2m extension onf bay near reclamation business

Raleigh Road

Remove disabled bays. Increase bay on north side by 23m


Some changes for new dropped kerbs

Upton Road

Remove DYL y house with droipped kerb

Roads off North St

Extend area of shared use

Numerous queries re blue badge bays


Dartmoor St

Being dealt with separately


Reduce number of bays by Faithspace from 3 to 1


Proposed changes to Bedminster East

Alpha Road

Remove DYL outside Imp

Church Road

Replace DYL at turning head with 2 additional bays, making 3

Dean Crescent

Convert permit holder bay outside no 11 to shared use

Herbert St

Convert some PandD to shared use

Mead St

Convert to shared use

New Charlotte St

Add parking bays  and remove DYL

Phillip St

Increase to 4 hrs

Southville Place

Convert DYL to bays opposite 30/outside 23

Southville Road

Remove a couple of bays to improve access for funeral  home

Southville Road

Extend shared space in a couple of other locations along road

Spring St

Extend DYLs at York Rd junction

Stafford St

Add 22m of parking bay

Stillhouse Lane

Reduce bays by 2.5m

Whitehouse St

Reduce bays by 1 car length (one end), and by 1m at other end to ease car park access

Willway St

Under discussion


A few changes at specific addresses eg for blue badge bays, dropped kerbs

Warden Road

Extend by 1m the permit holders bay at East St end, and on the other side bring bay to boundary of number 14.

Wesley Street


Convert P&D to Shared Use.



Outstanding issues

The main outstanding issues are Willway St, Dartmoor St and hours of operation. there are also numerous issues concerning individual residences eg droppped kerbs, blue badge bays etc

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