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Friday, 22nd Nov 2013 by Tess Green

Application Comments for 13/03517/F - Tess Green Statement

Please submit my comments on this application to the DC(S&E) meeting on 27th November 2013. I wish to speak to the committee to summarise my comments. Thank you Tess Green

I wish to support this application for the following reasons:

1. Consultation with neighbours and groups in the community has been appropriate and the developer appears to have listened and responded to concerns raised.

2. Many people in the local area wanted to keep the football club at the original location at Ashton Gate and welcomed the club's decision to upgrade the facilities there rather than relocating.

3. The stadium which will be the end result after redevelopment looks better than the alternative which has planning permission at Ashton Vale, despite the restrictions of the old site. It will impact less in terms of visual appearance and on the natural environment.

4. The community around Ashton Gate are accustomed to the noise and other disruption on match days, but I hope that the club will seek ways to reduce nuisance in terms of litter, alcohol consumption, anti-social behaviour, noise, light pollution and parking, especially as the rugby club will also use the ground in future.

5.The redevelopment should give the opportunity to improve the public realm by landscaping, especially along the length of Colliters Brook, which at present is separated by an ugly fence. Opening up the brook will give the opportunity to clear litter from the banks and keep this asset looking great. This will also serve to link the stadium surroundings with Greville Smythe Park.

6.The Club have expressed a committment to travel planning in order to reduce the number of fans who access the stadium by car. There will also be the need to provide safe cycle parking and to make sure that car parking does not impede access for local residents. The club has expressed an interest in a rail stop near Winterstoke Road when the Portishead line is re-opened. This could provide alternative access from North Somerset and Temple Meads for fans and greatly reduce the need to bring cars into the area.The BRT2 metrobus will not have the capacity to add much to the public transport choices unless the frequency and size of the buses is large enough to cope with thousands of fans.

7.The new buildings should be built to high environmental standards with attention to sustainable drainage in this low lying area.

8. Conditions for the duration of the building work will need to minimise nuisance for neighbours, particularly in the nearby flats where many of the residents are elderly and unwell.

As a ward councillor for Southville I have received many positive comments on the BCFC plans for redevelopment of Ashton Gate and I am pleased to support these. Tess Green

Wednesday, 20th Nov 2013 by Charlie Bolton

Statement re Planning Application 13/03517/F Redevelopment of Ashton Gate

I submit this statement to offer my support for the proposal to redevelop Ashton Gate as per planning application 13/03517/F

I did not support a move by the Club out of the Ashton Gate locality, nor the proposal to replace it with a giant Sainsbury's. However, I  am really pleased that the Club has now decided to stay at Ashton Gate, its long term home at the heart of the community. 

This will mean that the club and its supporters will continue to support local traders and the local economy.

I have a couple of concerns about the development, namely

  • that the stadium redevelopment itself should be done to the highest possible sustainability standards
  • that the club should be proactive in taking steps to minimise traffic disruption on match days

Specifically, I would like to see the club support the reopening of an Ashton Gate railway station to encourage fans based in North Somerset to come by train, and wonder if the club could take advantage of the Local Sustainable Transport Fund to pilot measures to promote cycling and walking to home games.

I urge the committee to approve this development, and look forward to club and local community working together in the future for the benefit of both.


Charlie Bolton
Prospective candidate for Southville ward
Green Party

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