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Monday, 11th Nov 2013 by Charlie Bolton

Letter to the editor: Supporting an arena at Temple Meads

Dear Sir

We in the Green Party support - in principle - the idea of an arena at Temple Meads. The reason for this is both simple and obvious. It's by the train station. This makes it sensible for those coming to events from outside the city to come by train. And it will also encourage Bristolians to come by train or bus. In addition, it offers an opportunity to improve the station's status as a transport hub. Far better by Bristol's main railway station than somewhere where you have to get to by car!

However, there are a number of qualifications to our support. First, it must be built as an exemplar of sustainable design. Second, it is vital that sufficient steps are taken to mitigate the impact on the residents of surrounding areas who will be affected by it. This in particular means noise levels must be acceptable, and local residents must be given substantial support to overcome likely traffic problems. 

We'd also like to see pro-active steps taken to reward those who travel by public transport, such as discounted ticketing.

Clearly, our views may change when we see detailed plans, but at this stage we applaud the Mayor for his choice of location and urge him to build the best, most sustainable and community friendly arena there is.

Charlie Bolton
Bristol Green Party

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