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Monday, 2nd Feb 2015 by Deb Joffe

How to really improve mental health

An article by our Windmill Hill ward candidate, excerpt below:

It has – and this is a good thing – finally become fashionable for politicians to call for mental health services to be high on their agenda.    And the Liberal Democrats are making this a key plank of their election campaign, having committed to an additional £500m a year for mental health services.

Of course, any extra funding to the NHS is welcome.  But the devil, as so often, is in the detail:  how it is spent is key.
Green Party policy supports the concept that mental and physical health is equally important and often inter-related.  Our stance is holistic. It is hard to think of any Green Party policy that does not aim to improve the quality of life for everyone. 
For the Greens, mental health is promoted through a positive society with security of income and housing for all, with access to nature, based on equality of opportunity. It is not achieved with a stress-inducing programme of austerity, benefit sanctions and reduced public services, all of which the Liberal Democrats have gone along with over the past 4 years.
Full article on Deb's website here

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