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Friday, 5th Dec 2014 by Rob Telford

Bristol Green Party statement on Metrobus

The Bristol Green Party are committed to an affordable low-carbon transport network that unites the city, leaving no citizen isolated or unable to easily access decent work and leisure activities. As part of our long term vision, we have been staunch advocates for a tram and light rail solution with links to a central multi-modal transport hub at Temple Meads.

Of course, it is important that Bristol City Council makes desperately needed short term improvements to the bus system, and in broad terms we welcome any investment that will offer residents greater choice, better value for money and improved access. This is particularly true of the need for a south-to-north option that will link people to jobs. However, this investment should not be at the expense of other important public realm, and the Green Party remains committed to finding the right solutions rather than just agreeing to the latest compromise. For example, this includes growing land at the side of the M32 and pedestrian walkways in Bedminster.

Gus Hoyt, Green councillor for Ashley and Assistant Mayor for Neighbourhoods said:

"I am disappointed that the Metrobus decision seems to have been rushed through Cabinet without discussion. This is a project which many people are concerned about and it does deserve an open debate."

The government in recent years has blocked the proposal for a tram. We believe this is to the detriment of the residents of Bristol. The Bristol Green Party will continue to fight for this option, as part of our support for an Integrated Transport Authority. Cllr Gus Hoyt has lobbied hard on residents' behalf, often under difficult circumstances, and it is a testament to his determination that he continues to try to influence decisions that are being made by Bristol City Council Transport Department.

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