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We will continue to work hard for you

We have all been affected in different ways by the coronavirus pandemic, but it is the most vulnerable across our city who continue to be impacted the most.

Now is the time, more than ever, for us to work together. Every day we are seeing the Bristol spirit in action. Across the city people are working to help those in need - picking up food for a neighbour who can’t leave the house, volunteering time to help deliver key services or ringing someone who is alone for a friendly conversation.

Many of you have already been in contact with your local councillor asking for help or advice, and our role is to continue to help you find the support and information you need. We have been working cross-party to help those in need. Please contact your local councillor if you, or anyone you know needs our support.

Nationally, the Green Party has called on the Government to adopt a Coronavirus Solidarity Pact, to ensure extensive protections and security for the vulnerable. The Government can and must do more, and we will not stop lobbying for urgent support.

We want to thank all our key workers across our city –our emergency services, NHS staff, carers and social workers, teachers and waste collectors, and everyone involved in getting food to our tables – all those who are working every day to help and protect us. We want to thank all of you who are helping friends, families, neighbours and communities. And we want to thank everyone who is staying indoors to keep people in our city safe.

Bristol is a unique city with a unique spirit. And we are going to need all our kindness, hard work and creativity to get through this hard time. But we are Bristol, and our community spirit and resolve to help one another has never been stronger. 

We will continue to work hard for you throughout these challenging times. 

Image: Green councillors, volunteers and staff at weekly zoom meeting



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