Jai Breitnauer has been a Green Party activist since 2021, and is the Bristol South Parliamentary Candidate in the 2024 General Election.


A lifetime socialist, environmentalist, and former Labour party member, Jai joined the Green Party in 2021 when she realised tactical voting wasn’t going to create the change England and Wales sorely needs. As a parent to two young people with complex needs, Jai has campaigned for better support for disabled people and their carers, and against human rights violations. In 2023 she led a legal challenge against Sirona Health care and the ICB who closed the waiting list for under-17 autism assessment without notice. The decision was reversed. Jai also manages a charitable foundation that supports marginalised groups to access the countryside and outdoor sports, and engages young people in conservation. She is a trustee of Bristol based youth disability charity Incredible Kids. Jai firmly believes that we cannot achieve climate justice without embedding ourselves in social justice.

Social Media Handles
Twitter/X: @breitideas
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Email:  South@BristolGreenParty.org.uk