Lorraine is currently the new chair of Adult Social Care, since May 2024.  Lorraine is also the re-elected Green Councillor in Eastville.  She is the Green candidate for the new North East ward, which incorporates Bristol and South Gloucestershire.

Lorraine stood as a councillor in 2014, coming second.  She went on to be elected in 2021 and again in 2024.  She is committed to increasing the presence of marginalised groups within the politics.  To be part of nature and the environment. Why shouldn’t working class people, from all backgrounds, not be in politics.  As a visible minoritized person, I am using my platform to support others and bring a different voice into politics.

Lorraine is a Social Worker and Therapist.  Her specialism is to address inequalities, advocate for others and use her knowledge and experience, to address challenges across the city.


Social Media Handles
Twitter/X: @lorrfrancis