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Green Party Councillors

We have 11 Green councillors in Bristol, making us the third largest group and 15% of the Council.

For general enquiries to the Green group of councillors please contact the Green group office at or 01173 526155.

To see a summary of the achievements of our Green group of councillors since the 2015 General Election go here.

Each councillor also has their own page where you can find specific information on their roles on the council and how to contact them directly. 

Jude English   Paula O'Rourke Jerome Thomas

Jude English

Eleanor Combley

 Paula O'Rourke

Jerome Thomas

Ashley Bishopston & Ashley Down Clifton Clifton
 Clive Stevens Cleo Lake Martin Fodor

Carla Denyer

Clive Stevens

Cleo Lake

Martin Fodor

Clifton Down Clifton Down Cotham Redland
Fi Hance  Charlie Bolton Stephen Clarke  

Fi Hance

Charlie Bolton

Stephen Clarke

Redland Southville Southville


Thanks to our previous councillors: Ani Stafford-Townsend, Anna McMullen, Dani Glazzard, Daniella Radice, Deb Joffe, Gus Hoyt, Rob Telford, Tess Green and Tim Malnick.

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