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Here are some upcoming events to get involved in.

Cllr Carla Denyer proposed the first climate emergency in Europe. With this historic move she has changed the course of the UK.

Right now, campaigners in Bristol are hitting the streets, working to elect Councillor Carla Denyer as the next Green MP.

Final week canvassing:

  • Monday 5pm – Clifton – 6 Cornwallis Terrace
  • Monday 6pm - Meet at the Hub

We will need a lot of help in Ashley, Bishopston, Cotham, Clifton, Clifton Down, Easton, Hotwells and Harbourside, Lawrence Hill and Redland to deliver eve of poll reminders.

Come to the hub or get in touch if you'd like details of your local hub.

Bristol Green Party campaign hub - 194 Cheltenham Road, BS65RB - Open 9am-7pm. Come in anytime to help.

Contact - 07925726599

Thursday, 12th Dec 2019

Polling day - Get out the vote!10:00am to 10:00pm

On Thursday 12th December, Bristol West is the place to be. Be part of a historical day and meet lovely like minded Green Party members from the whole of Britain.

You will arrive between 10am and 6pm and will be allocated to one of our several hubs across Bristol West. You will be warmly welcomed with a cuppa and trained up on what you need to do.

We need to remind our Green voters to actually go out and vote. It is too tempting to stay home on a dark winter evening but in order to win we need every single Green voter casting their Green Vote.

You will be given a list of known Green voters and an idea of what to tell them. Each shift is two hours long. You are welcome to sign up for more than one shift. If you are able to work a couple of shifts we will provide you with lovely lunch/snack/dinner.

If you are from Bristol please consider signing up for evening shifts as our guest will often have a long journey home and will need to leave late atfternoon/early evening.

Book the day off work today and join us on the 12th December. If not now, when? If not you, who?
Sign up here

Contact: 07925726599
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