Your Green Councillors

Eleanor Combley

Councillor for Bishopston & Ashley Down

Elected councillor in 2016 for the Bishopston and Ashley Down ward, Eleanor Combley is also the leader of Bristol’s Green Councillor Group.

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Jude Brew English

Councillor for Ashley

I have lived in Ashley for over 2 decades and has been my privilege to be an elected Green Party councillor since 2016. I worked for many years as a science teacher and have always been an environmentalist and a community activist.

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Carla Denyer

Councillor for Clifton Down

Carla is an award-winning councillor who led Bristol in declaring the first Climate Emergency in Europe, committing the city to go carbon neutral by 2030.

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Clive Stevens

Councillor for Clifton Down

Clive Stevens was elected Councillor to Clifton Down in 2016, having knocked on five thousand doors by election time.

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Jerome Thomas

Councillor for Clifton

Jerome is focused on making walking and cycling safer, strengthening library and community centre provision, and improving local transport. He is standing again in 2021.

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Fi Hance

Councillor for Redland

Councillor for Redland & Cabinet Member for City Health and Wellbeing & Green Group Whip

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