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Report on former Chief Exec payoff

Green Councillor Clive Stevens has completed a report into the Council's decision to award a £98,000 payoff to former chief executive Anna Klonowski.

Clive is Vice-Chair of Bristol Council's Audit Committee and has put the report together after weeks of research digging into the detail of the payment made to the former CEO. He submitted it in a statement to Audit Committee on 30th September.

Clive's report focuses on the value for money of the decision. He found a series of mistakes which led to the unnecessarily large payment to the former CEO, who left the Council without finishing her notice period. He said the evidence suggests this was then covered up by someone senior in the Council.

You can read the full report here.

If you believe you have further information about this and would like to pass it on to Clive you can reach him at

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