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Chocolate Path 'melts' into river after council fails to act
Green Councillors have accused Bristol's Labour administration of “enormous incompetence” for failing to carry out important works to repair Bristol’s ‘chocolate path’ long after funding was approved in September 2018, leading to its recent collapse and the closure of Cumberland road.

Labour wasting council time with attacks and “self-congratulatory cheerleading”
At a Bristol Full Council meeting today, Green councillors criticised the Labour group for wasting valuable policy space with a 'self-congratulatory' motion, and tabled amendments to the motion which would have committed all councillors to protect valuable Council services in forthcoming budget.


Lack of affordable housing unacceptable
Lack of affordable housing “completely unacceptable” – Green Councillor calls in Bedminster development plans

Green Councillors support calls to end immigration detention
In 2017, 27,000 people entered indefinite immigration detention in the UK, many of them from Bristol.

Bristol Greens to attend #RiseForClimate rally in Bristol – 8th September
Alongside organisations in Bristol and in cities around the world, Bristol Green Party members and elected representatives will be demanding urgent action on climate change by taking part in the #RiseForClimate rally in Bristol on 8th September.

Help protect 20mph limits around your home
Press Release: “Help protect 20mph limits around your home” say Green Councillors

Bristol can’t wait decades for action on climate change
Following the hottest day so far this year, Bristol Green Councillors are calling for Bristol to take a leading role in tackling climate change, with clear action needed now if the city is to meet its carbon targets.

How can a Labour Mayor support airport expansion for the few, not the many?
In light of a new analysis showing that airport expansion disproportionally benefits the wealthiest in society, Green councillor Carla Denyer will ask Bristol’s Mayor to reconcile his contradictory views about climate change and airport expansion.

Clean air day marks need for urgent action
Following warnings on Sunday that people in South Bristol should avoid outdoor activities because air pollution levels had reached such heights, Green councillors are calling for urgent action to tackle Bristol’s dangerous air pollution. Today is Clean Air Day where across the country people are uniting to raise awareness of air pollution.

Bedminster Green survey - locals reject tall buildings
Southville Green councillors Charlie Bolton and Steve Clarke have conducted a survey of local residents to explore their views on the proposals by a set of developers to construct over 1200 new homes in the Bedminster Green area.

20mph proven to be safer in Bristol
An authoritative report produced by the University of the West of England and commissioned by Bristol City Council has demonstrated the safety of the city-wide 20mph zone. Greens are demanding that this should put to bed the debate about the impact of such limits.

Greens say we all need to challenge airport expansion
A consultation currently underway on plans for the expansion of Bristol airport is due to end Friday 26th January.

Greens fight back over Mayor's MetroBus comments
Green councillors have challenged the Mayor over comments made during Tuesday’s cabinet meeting, when he implied that responsibility for the project’s cost increases lay with Councillor Charlie Bolton.

Green Councillor calls for curb on pavement parking

Question and reply from West of England partnership re emissions
Question and reply from West of England partnership re emissions

We need a climate friendly West of England spatial and transport plan
We need a climate friendly West of England spatial and transport plan

Greens slam Portishead line cost increases
Portishead line cost increases

“We cannot vote for a budget that will abandon those most in need” say Greens
At today’s Bristol City Council ‘Full Council’ meeting, Bristol’s Green Councillors have said they cannot vote for the Mayor’s budget that will see cuts of £101 million across Bristol, in addition to recent cuts to the NHS, police and school’s budgets.

Mayor’s budget is “disappointing” compared to Marvin’s manifesto
Leader of the Green Councillors, Charlie Bolton, has today highlighted the “disappointing” gap in what Marvin promised to do in his manifesto and the reality of his first budget.

Report shows local government finances and democracy are at breaking point
Bristol Green Party has today responded to the publication of an independent report (1) on the financial position of Bristol City Council saying it provides “further proof” that both local government finances and democracy are at breaking point.

Bristol Green Party responds to rumours of 20mph routes being scrapped
Bristol Green Party has today responded with dismay to rumours reported in the media [1] that Bristol’s Mayor, Marvin Rees, is planning to scrap the 20mph speed limits on some of Bristol’s most popular streets.

Greens welcome Bristol’s Darren Hall as candidate for Metro Mayor Elections
Bristol Green Party have today welcomed the news that Darren Hall has been elected to run as the candidate this May’s Metro Mayor Elections in the West of England.

Green capital was ‘hugely successful'
Green Party Councillors have welcomed the findings of an independent review(1), which found that Bristol’s year as European Green Capital was an “undoubted success” concluding that “by any measures the year was hugely successful, popular and rewarding, with positive outcomes that are likely to last for many years”.

Downward spiral of Tory cuts must be challenged
As January blues begin to kick in and the grim extent of the cuts to Bristol City Council becomes even clearer, Green councillors have responded to the Mayor’s Corporate Strategy consultation 2017-2022 (1) calling for bold opposition and creative alternatives to the downward spiral of austerity.

Government response to social care crisis totally inadequate
Greens have said “extra funding” announced by government for social care is a case of ‘smoke and mirrors’. They accuse the government of reallocating or retiming existing funding pots, including money for new homes, to look like additional cash for social care.

Green call for more affordable housing in Bristol approved by Full Council
Full Council today debated and approved a Green Party motion calling for action to enable more affordable housing to be built across Bristol and to make the process more transparent. The motion follows controversy over a planned development for 135 houses in the Chocolate Factory in Easton, which was deferred by councillors on the planning committee over concerns about the lack of affordable housing and a number of other recent schemes which have offered very little affordable housing.

Greens call for more affordable housing in Bristol
Full Council will debate and vote on a Green Party motion on Tues 13th Dec to enable more affordable housing to be built across Bristol. The call follows controversy over a planned development for 135 houses in an old Chocolate Factory in Easton, which was postponed by councillors on the planning committee over concerns about the lack of affordable housing.

Bristol City Council heads for crisis as Tory austerity bites
Bristol City Council slipped further into crisis today as all non-essential spending was halted by the Council’s CEO issuing a spending freeze across the Council. Green Party Councillors responded to the news slamming both the Tory austerity agenda and the lack of any real opposition to it.

Alderman Gus
Alderman Gus

No affordable housing in Chocolate Factory plans ‘utterly appalling’
Leader of the Green Party councillor Group, Charlie Bolton, has submitted a statement to the Council’s planning committee meeting slamming the lack of affordable housing in plans to develop Bristol’s former Elizabeth Shaw Chocolate Factory.

We need a Bristol living rent
Bristol Greens welcomed the announcement in the Autumn Statement that the government will consult on abolishing Letting Agents' Fees - a move that could save private tenants in Bristol around £50m per year.(1)

Time for bold investment in Bristol’s future
As a damp Bristol emerges from torrential rain, Bristol Green Party is calling for the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement to include bold investment in Bristol’s future, including investment in flood defences, developing a clear post-Brexit strategy to eliminate fuel poverty and investment in council housing.

Bristol’s statues protected against illegal and unsafe air
Campaigners have today given Bristol’s most famous resident’s protective masks against the consistently unsafe and illegal air pollution levels in the city

Bristol Green Party announce parliamentary candidates
The Green Party in Bristol has today announced their four parliamentary candidates ahead of a potential snap general election. Molly Scott Cato MEP has been elected to stand as their candidate to challenge for the hotly contested Bristol West parliamentary seat. Bristol West is widely considered to be one of the most winnable seats in the country for The Green Party.

Air pollution motion
Air pollution motion

Over half of Bristolians think their health is damaged by air pollution
Over half of Bristolians think their health is damaged by air pollution

Put back air pollution monitor in dirtiest part of city
Bristol Green Party are today demanding that the City Council immediately reinstates an air pollution monitor on Rupert Street that has been removed due to MetroBus roadworks.

Pets in Council Properties
Pets in Council Properties

Tory cuts and local Labour inaction will devastate council services
Following the announcement that on top of reducing the council’s budget by £60 million by 2020, a further £29 million will need to be saved this year, Green councillors have warned that further cuts will leave crucial council services devastated.

Green Party slams devastating Tory cuts to Bristol Council
Greens have today slammed the Tory government for reducing funding which could make it impossible for local councils to deliver essential basic services. This comes in the wake of today’s announcement that up to 1,000 council jobs could be lost in Bristol in this financial year, a move that has been condemned by Trade Unions.

Scanning cats killed by cars for microchips
Micro-chipped cats

The public must have their say on devolution
“Greens have been working throughout the devolution negotiations to ensure that any deal does not just focus on economic growth at any cost. Our regions need good quality, warm and affordable housing and an improved public transport system that benefits all. We are pleased that as a result, Bristol Council voted last night for equality and environmental sustainability to be key criteria for any project looking to be funded by the new deal”

Greens demand proper consultation on devolution deal
Bristol Green councillors are demanding that the new Labour Mayor allows proper public consultation on the government’s proposed devolution deal for the West of England1. Greens see real devolution and joint working as essential, but have described the current scheme, which will be debated by Cabinet and Full Council on Weds 29th June, as ‘worryingly flawed’.

Green councillor's statement on devolution

Natalie Bennett supports 'Remain' campaign in Bristol
Natalie supports 'Remain'

“We will be watching closely, Marvin” promises local Green leader
Charlie Bolton, Leader of the Bristol Green councillors has pledged to hold new Mayor Marvin Rees to account on Labour promises to deliver affordable housing, greater equality and protection to vital services from the onslaught of the cuts.

Greens to lead on health and wellbeing across Bristol
Green councillor, Fi Hance has become Bristol’s cabinet member leading on health and wellbeing across Bristol.

Bristol Elects 11 Green Councillors
Bristol elected 11 Green councillors across the city in local elections last week, consolidating their place as the third largest group on the council.

“Child safety is more important than a new aerospace museum” say Green councillors
Green councillors are calling for half a million pounds currently allocated for contributing to a new aerospace museum in South Gloucestershire to be spent on child safety in Bristol instead.

University must go further
Green councillors have called on the University of Bristol to go further after it issued a statement saying it would looking into partial divestment from fossil fuels.

Campaigners remain determined as time starts to run out for Southville’s much loved community Faithspace
The campaign to save Southville’s much loved Faithspace building has ramped up in recent weeks as a six month moratorium preventing its sale draws to an end tomorrow.

“Tory proposals to reduce bus lanes are absurd” say Green Councillors
Green Councillors have slammed proposals made by Conservative councillors to reduce Bristol’s bus lanes.

Save Southville's community Faithspace
Southville’s two Green councillors will today (Tuesday 15th December) call on the mayor and the council to pledge support for a well-loved community venue in Southville.

Green Group welcomes poo bus innovation
Bristol Greens have welcomed news that Bristol is to become the first city in the world to get two fleets of so-called poo buses. 130 of the buses, which will be fuelled by bio-methane derived from human waste, are planned to be in service by 2019.

Ani Stafford-Townsend elected as new Green group leader
Councillor Ani Townsend-Stafford has been elected as the new leader of the Green group of councillors. The group also voted in a new deputy leader and whip.

Pressure mounts as students, staff and councillors come together to call for ‘fossil free’ university
Pressure is mounting on the University of Bristol to ensure none of its £56 million endowment fund is invested in fossil fuel companies. The campaign has seen students, staff, councillors and others work together to call for the university to become ‘fossil free’.

‘Protect speed limits that keep our children safe’ say Green Councillors
As the Council gears up for a debate on 20mph, Green Councillors are calling for Bristol’s 20mph areas to be maintained.

Cllr Charlie Bolton
Charlie Bolton, Councillor for Southville

Greens encourage Mayor to reduce "tide of waste" by investing in reuse and repair centre
The Green Party are calling on the mayor to invest in developing a Repair and Reuse facility in South Bristol to reduce waste being sent to landfill.

Green Party Councillors
We have 11 Green councillors in Bristol, making us the third largest group and 15% of the Council

Green Group statement on Bristol Council's 'austerity' budget
Bristol Council's 2015/16 'austerity’ budget: hurting the most vulnerable and reducing public services.

We have only days to save successful local arts organisation
Green Party candidate for Cabot Ward, Ani Stafford-Townsend, has appealed to local Bristolians to help save Residence from losing their tenancy at the Milk Bar.

Greens demand retention of pollution monitoring sites
The Green Party is demanding the retention of air pollution monitoring sites in Bristol.

Greens call on local MPs to support bill to bring railways into public hands
Bristol Greens have called on local MPs to support a private members bill to bring railways back under national control.

Action against increased rail fairs and calls for public ownership of the railways
The Green Party in Bristol have today been campaigning as part of a national day of action to highlight another rail fare increase by the Coalition government and to call for public ownership of the railways.

Greens present multiple questions to Mayor's Cabinet meeting
Bristol’s Green group of councillors to present multiple questions to Mayor’s first post-local election Cabinet meeting

Greens celebrate Bristol gains
Bristol Green Party now has three new councillors, Tim Malnick (Bishopston), Martin Fodor (Redland) and Charlie Bolton (Southville).

National Green Party leader calls for South Bristol Transport Interchange
Natalie Bennett, leader of the Green Party, will today join local residents in calling for a new railway station to serve the Ashton and Southville areas.

European Green presidential candidate visits Bristol in support of migrants and their businesses
Green Party candidate for presidency of the European Commission, Ska Keller MEP, is due to visit Bristol on Monday, to offer Green Party support for migrants and emphasise the benefits freedom of movement brings to the European economy.

Mini-manifesto of transport priorities for Mayor of Bristol to tackle in next year
Greens focus on public accountability, a transport authority and reallocation of £200k rail subsidy in election transport policies

Greens aim to become Bristol's second biggest party by 2016
Bristol Greens announce line up of 23 candidates fighting for change across the city

Petition demands direct public transport link with Temple Meads
Green Party members in Southville have launched an on-line petition calling on bus companies and the council to provide regular services direct to Temple Meads.

Bedminster wants a bus link to Temple Meads, Greens' survey shows
Green Party councillors in Southville have asked First Bus to meet the local demand for a direct bus link with Temple Meads.

Tony Dyer named as Green Party candidate in Bristol South
Green Party members in the Bristol South constituency have selected Tony Dyer as their candidate for the 2015 parliamentary elections.

Green top Euro-candidate to speak at meeting in Southville
Molly tops the Green Party Euro-list for the South West, and Greens are optimistic she will become the first Green MEP in the South West this May.

Off your trolley? Public Meeting about 8.5% Business Levy campaign
Bristol Green Party is to host a public meeting about proposals to strengthen local businesses using a small levy imposed on the biggest retailers.

Green's campaign to raise £1.6 million pa for local shops
Bristol Green Party has come out in support of a campaign - which - if implemented - could raise up to £1.6 million per annum for the local shops

Green candidate line up revealed
Bristol Greens announce line up of 23 candidates fighting for change across the city

Southville ward is bounded by the New Cut to the north and the Bristol to Exeter railway line to the south-east. North Street and Duckmoor Road provide the boundary between Southville and Bedminster wards. We have two Green councillors in Southville: Charlie Bolton and Stephen Clarke.

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Statement re Planning Application 1303517F Redevelopment of Ashton Gate
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Letter to the editor Supporting an arena at Temple Meads
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