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WECA transport plans must “walk the walk not just talk the talk” say Greens
Green councillors have said they are disappointed that WECAs cycling and infrastructure plan “lacks urgency and ambition”.

Greens welcome first steps towards addressing Bristol’s dirty air
Green councillors have welcomed the announcement that next week Bristol bridge, Baldwin Street and Union Street will be closed to through traffic and new bike lanes installed along Park Row, Upper Maudlin Street and Marlborough Street. The changes mark much needed first steps towards improving dangerous levels of air pollution in Bristol. They will also help people move safely about our city during the pandemic by making more room for walking and cycling.

Green Budget Amendment creates more space for foster families
The first family is already benefiting from new rooms in a pilot scheme set up by Bristol City Council thanks to Green councillor Martin Fodor’s budget amendment, which pays for extra rooms in cramped council housing. Bristol has a shortage of larger council houses – the waiting list is twice as long as for smaller properties, and families needing larger homes have to wait for around 2 years.

Tackle rising unemployment with a Green New Deal
Green councillors have been calling for a ‘Green New Deal’ to reboot the economy, provide jobs and tackle the climate crisis. On 2nd June Bristol City Council's Cabinet meeting included the news that the Council is forecasting a funding gap of around £86 million as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. This is made up of a combination of loss of income and additional expenditure to pay for the response to the emergency. Unemployment is also forecast to rise steeply in coming months.

Secrecy and concealment as Bristol Energy loses millions of pounds
Bristol Energy has lost tens of millions of pounds of Council tax payers money, so Greens ask why this week's Cabinet meeting will hold the discussion's on what has gone wrong in secret.

A defunct plan for a bygone era” - regional authority approves road-building plans
Last Friday (20 March) the West of England Combined Authority (WECA) approved a transport plan that will fund new road building projects across the region but commits no funding for public transport or walking and cycling schemes.

Better buses starts with tackling congestion, say Greens
At a Cabinet meeting today (1 October), Greens called for bolder action to improve public transport in Bristol.

Environmental Lawyers put Bristol Council ‘On Notice’ over climate inaction
Lawyers from leading environmental law charity ClientEarth have put Bristol City Council “on notice” over its lack of proper climate change plans, giving them eight weeks to explain how planning policy will incorporate carbon reduction targets.

Greens call for action to follow words as WECA declares Climate Emergency
Following lobbying by Green councillors the West of England Combined Authority (WECA) has finally passed a motion declaring a ‘Climate Emergency’

Green Councillors press for WECA to take action on Climate Emergency
After launching a Climate Emergency at Bristol Council last November, the first of its kind in the UK, Green Councillors are today calling on the region’s West of England Combined Authority (WECA) to recognise a climate emergency.

Make local plan fit for a changing climate say Greens
More than 6 months after Bristol Council passed a Green Party motion to declare a climate emergency, Green Councillors are now calling on the Council to recognise this in its plans for the future.

Bristol Greens call for ban on dangerous pavement parking
Green Councillors in Bristol have contributed to a House of Commons Inquiry into pavement parking, highlighting the dangers and accessibility problems it causes and calling for a ban to be legally enforced.

Mayor must take action on fossil fuel funds
Green Councillors have submitted a motion to next Tuesday’s Full Council meeting (19 March) calling on Bristol’s Labour Mayor to meet with the head of Avon Pension Fund and discuss divestment of funds away from fossil fuel industries within 5 years. Despite a similar Green motion passed in 2015 (1), the Avon Pension Fund continues to hold significant investments in fossil fuel industries. A recent UN study found that resource extraction industries are responsible for half of the world’s carbon emissions and more than 80% of biodiversity loss. (2) Bristol’s branch of local government union UNISON (the second largest union in the UK) also backs the campaign for pension fund divestment.

Greens present budget amendments to create more housing and save money
Green Councillors have proposed measures to Bristol’s budget meeting tomorrow that would create additional council housing and independent housing for adults with social care needs – while saving the council hundreds of thousands of pounds per year.

Bristol needs “Clean air, not hot air Mr Mayor”
Bristol Greens have condemned the Mayor of Bristol for his failure to meet a deadline to produce a Clean Air Plan. The plan was supposed to be written by the end of 2018 and Bristol Council was given until 21 February to respond.

Greens challenge Mayor on support for Tall Buildings
Green councillors have raised concerns about the Labour Mayor’s support for high rise buildings

Time to kick plastic addiction as Green petition to be debated by Council
Thousands of people across Bristol have signed a petition to get rid of unnecessary disposable plastics started by Green Councillor Martin Fodor. The petition has received so much support that it will be debated by all councillors at Full Council. It will also receive a response from the Mayor. The petition calls on the Mayor to take all practical steps to eliminating wasteful plastic across Bristol and has been supported by plastics campaigners across the city. Greens have been campaigning for Bristol to become single-use plastic free for many years, tabling a motion on this in both 2015 and 2016.

Green Councillors support Vision for future of Bristol’s parks
Green Councillors have endorsed the Parks Forum’s vision for the future of Bristol's Parks, and suggested some additional points.

Greens call for caution on tall buildings - response to Urban Living consultation
Green Councillors support high quality, denser developments to accommodate people and create communities but are concerned Bristol Council could lose sight of the downsides in its enthusiasm for tall buildings

Bristol shoppers join worldwide campaign returning unnecessary plastic to supermarkets
This weekend Bristol shoppers and Greens joined campaigners from around the world in ‘plastic attacks’ to hand back their unneeded single use plastics to supermarkets across Bristol.

Enough talk, time for action on plastics waste
Following the reports of huge amounts of unrecycled plastic waste left on the streets after St Paul’s Carnival, Greens are calling for the Council to make sure that lessons are learnt ahead of this weekend’s balloon festival. Green councillors also want Bristol Council to stop dragging its heels and implement a policy on plastics waste as soon as possible, including a ban on single-use plastics at council events.

We need a 'People's Vote' on Brexit deal
Personally I feel very strongly about my rights as a European being taken away. My entire heritage is elsewhere in Europe and losing the right to visit, live or work across the travel area with my EU passport is distressing.

Greens bring vote on Arena location to Council meeting
Green Councillors have secured a Council debate and vote on the location of Bristol’s arena at next Tuesday’s Council meeting.

Green Councillors horrified by out of the blue fines to dog walkers
Redland Green Councillors Fi Hance and Martin Fodor have been contacted by a number of residents left upset and distressed after having been issued fines of up to £100 for letting their dogs off the lead on Redland Green. These appear to have been issued by Kingdom, the council’s so-called litter police.

Bristol Green councillors welcome progress on clean energy from Pension Funds – but it’s still not divestment
Following a long-running campaign by Greens and other activists, Martin Fodor (Green Councillor for Redland) met with representatives of the Brunel Pension Partnership to hear about the fund’s new investments in sustainable and renewable energy.

Greens help deliver Council motion on single use drinking cups
Bristol Green councillors say they are delighted after a Full Council motion they worked on to address the environmental impact of ‘single use’ drinking cups has passed with cross party support.

Councillors propose planning policy to protect music venues
In response to a spate of local music venues raising the alarm about being faced with closure, Green Party Councillors in Bristol have called on the city’s elected Labour Mayor to adopt a planning policy known as the ‘agent of change’ principle. This principle, recently adopted by London Labour Mayor Sadiq Khan,(1) puts the onus for soundproofing on new residential developments, which must shoulder responsibility for compliance when situated near an existing music venue. Similarly, if a music venue opens in a residential area, it too would be responsible for complying with residential requirements. According to the London Mayor, “developers building flats near existing venues will need to ensure that residents are not unduly affected by sound from the venue, and that may include paying for soundproofing.”

Greens successfully lobby for transparent planning
After successful lobbying by Green councillors, Bristol City Council is to make its planning process more transparent.

Green capital was ‘hugely successful'
Green Party Councillors have welcomed the findings of an independent review(1), which found that Bristol’s year as European Green Capital was an “undoubted success” concluding that “by any measures the year was hugely successful, popular and rewarding, with positive outcomes that are likely to last for many years”.

51 bus saved, but what about all the others?
On Tuesday 13th September, Full Council will host campaigners and residents celebrating their success in saving the 51 bus. Over 3,500 local people signed the petition to save the service, which will be presented to Full Council next week.

Bristol Waste contract renewal
Waste contract renewal

Bristol Elects 11 Green Councillors
Bristol elected 11 Green councillors across the city in local elections last week, consolidating their place as the third largest group on the council.

Bristol North Baths - Greens secure monthly update promise for residents
Green councillors have gained a commitment from the council that local residents will be given monthly updates on the progress being made towards the completion of Bristol North Baths.

Green Councillor Achievements
Overview of what Green Councillors have been achieving.

New start for Bristol North Baths
The decade-long saga of the Bristol North Baths may be finally reaching a conclusion, as the Mayor considers allocating additional funding to ensure the developments completion at a cabinet meeting on Tuesday 5th April. The council took back control of the long–delayed development last autumn, and the proposal is that additional money invested by the council would be repaid once the scheme is completed.

You pay when an apple core gets binned!
Bristolians have more than trebled the amount they reuse and recycle over the last ten years, but while many people now recycle their bottles and cereal packets, food waste is lagging behind. Taxpayers pay £80 per tonne for waste that goes into landfill. 40% of the waste we chuck in the bin in Bristol is food waste. Bristol’s new waste and resource management strategy, which will be discussed by cabinet next week, makes reducing the amount of food waste we chuck in the bin a top priority.

Here comes the sun - Greens celebrate energy successes
Spring is looking promising for Bristol’s renewable energy sector, as the Council announces grants available for energy projects and a doubling of solar PV with a new Avonmouth solar farm.

"Recycling is good, but re-use is so much better", Greens call for Hartcliffe way reuse and recycling centre
The long awaited Hartcliffe way recycling centre for South Bristol will be discussed at Full Council tonight, following cross party pressure to progress the scheme.

Bristol City Council votes in favour of ‘fossil free’ pensions
Councillors have this evening voted in favour of Avon Pension Fund becoming ‘fossil free’. Full Council voted for a motion put forward by Green Party councillors at tonight’s Full Council meeting. A petition and many statements from the public were also tabled in support of the motion, which calls for Bristol City Council to take the lead in calling for the fund to develop a strategy to divest from fossil fuels. Bristol City Council and its neighbouring authorities have seats on the Avon Pension Fund Committee, in which Council employees’ pensions are invested.

Council to debate ‘fossil free’ pensions
Green Party Councillors will table a motion to Full Council on Tuesday 15th December calling for Avon Pension Fund to go ‘fossil free’.

Time to reduce waste across Bristol
The Council looks set to introduce a new waste contract that will reduce waste across the city at a cabinet meeting on Tuesday 3rd November.

Hinkley C nuclear power proposals ‘not good for our safety, not good for our energy security and not good for our future’ say Bristol Green Councillors
Green councillors will join a crisis meeting this Friday to discuss the ‘triple risks’ posed by Hinkley C nuclear power station. The meeting has been organised by Green South West MEP Molly Scott Cato, and will be attended by the Vice President of the French Assembly, Denis Baupin.

Cllr Martin Fodor
Martin Fodor, Councillor for Redland

Greens encourage Mayor to reduce "tide of waste" by investing in reuse and repair centre
The Green Party are calling on the mayor to invest in developing a Repair and Reuse facility in South Bristol to reduce waste being sent to landfill.

Greens Call for Bristol to Send ZERO Waste to Landfill by 2020
The Green Party is calling upon the Mayor and all other political parties to commit to a target of sending zero waste to landfill by 2020.

Green Party Councillors
We have 11 Green councillors in Bristol, making us the third largest group and 15% of the Council

Greens Celebrate Success in Fight to Keep Libraries Open
Following the release of initial findings from the largest libraries consultation in Bristol’s history, the Green Party is today celebrating the news that plans to close 7 libraries across the city have officially been scrapped.

Greens present multiple questions at first Full Council Members' Forum
The Green group of councillors will today scrutinise the Mayor, George Ferguson, through a series of questions and statements to the first of the new Members' Forums ahead of the city's Full Council meeting.

Greens present multiple questions to Mayor's Cabinet meeting
Bristol’s Green group of councillors to present multiple questions to Mayor’s first post-local election Cabinet meeting

Greens celebrate Bristol gains
Bristol Green Party now has three new councillors, Tim Malnick (Bishopston), Martin Fodor (Redland) and Charlie Bolton (Southville).

European Green presidential candidate visits Bristol in support of migrants and their businesses
Green Party candidate for presidency of the European Commission, Ska Keller MEP, is due to visit Bristol on Monday, to offer Green Party support for migrants and emphasise the benefits freedom of movement brings to the European economy.

Mini-manifesto of transport priorities for Mayor of Bristol to tackle in next year
Greens focus on public accountability, a transport authority and reallocation of £200k rail subsidy in election transport policies

Greens aim to become Bristol's second biggest party by 2016
Bristol Greens announce line up of 23 candidates fighting for change across the city

Green candidate line up revealed
Bristol Greens announce line up of 23 candidates fighting for change across the city

Redland ward is located to the north of the city centre. The ward is bounded by the A4018 to the west and the A38 to the east and contains the community of Redland. We have two Green councillors in Redland: Martin Fodor and Fi Hance.

Letter to the editor Labours role in austerity
Posted Monday, 19th Jan 2015 by Graham Woodruff

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