The Green Party are the largest group on Bristol City Council, transforming communities and making change happen in our city. At the local elections next year, we aim to take control of the council. We are the administration in waiting.

Our group has grown massively in recent years, and is made up of hard-working, dedicated local councillors who put their communities first. We believe every neighbourhood in our city deserves this kind of commitment from their local representatives.

If you care about your community and the state of the planet, and want to use a bit of your time to make a difference, then we’d like you to stand. Express your interest in standing as a Green council candidate today.

Apply now - applications close Sunday 12 March >
Carla Denyer with Bristol's 24 Green Councillors

Too often local councils are made up of people who don’t represent the diversity of their areas. In the Green Party, we want to challenge that.

The average age of a local councillor in England is 59, and the majority are white men. We want a more diverse council to better represent our city.

We’d really encourage you to apply if you identify as:

  • A woman, non-binary or agender
  • A person of colour
  • Having a disability of any kind
  • Neurodivergent

If you’re worried about whether you’re good enough to be a council candidate, or whether you can commit the time, or have any other reservations, apply anyway. If you apply, we’ll invite you for a conversation with our expert elections team to help you decide whether being a council candidate is right for you, before you make any commitment.

If you would like to talk with someone about becoming a candidate and a councillor or you need any support to put yourself forward, please contact

Your questions answered

Councillors are elected to represent their community on the council, and work together to make decisions that affect how our city is run.

They meet for full council meetings ten times each year, and many sit on committees and working groups too.

Bristol is a Unitary Authority. This means it is responsible for all aspects of local government, from transport, education and housing, to waste collection and planning applications. 

Bristol City Council is comprised of 70 Councillors representing 34 wards. As of February 2023, 25 of those Councillors represent the Greens. We’ve now set our sights on running the city in 2024. 

The next elections for Bristol City Council are scheduled for 2 May 2024.

This might feel a long time away, but if you want to be a local councillor, it’s really important to start showing the community that you work hard for them long before election time. This is why we’re asking you to express your interest now, to give you as much time as possible before the next election.

If a sitting councillor resigns or passes away, a by-election may be called, which means you could run for elections earlier than May 2024.

First, you need to express your interest to stand as a Green Party candidate, and where you would like to stand, by the advertised deadline. You’ll then have a chance to meet our elections team to discuss whether being a candidate is right for you.

If you would like to go ahead, you’ll then be nominated as a candidate for the electoral ward of your choice. Our members then vote to decide which candidates will stand for each seat at the next election.

If selected as a candidate, you’ll join a full training programme from our elections team. They are experts and have worked on hundreds of successful election campaigns between them, including some of the Green Party’s biggest campaigns. You’ll also receive ongoing support from the team and help building a local team to help you get elected.

On 2 May 2024, residents in Bristol will be asked to vote in the local elections. whichever candidates receive the most votes in their ward are elected to the council for four years.


Yes, every councillor receives a basic allowance of roughly £14,000 per year. Depending on what committees they sit on or additional roles they have, they may receive a much higher allowance.

While being an effective local councillor is a significant time commitment, it is not considered a full-time job. Many councillors work part-time alongside being a councillor.

Campaigns are what you make of them, so the time commitment can vary. It is best to campaign little and often, setting aside more time in the weeks leading up to the election.

Our expert elections team will support you to make sure being a candidate fits alongside your other commitments, such as work, volunteering and family.

Bristol Green Party is one of the biggest green parties in the UK. With a big team, we can help you share the load, allowing you to focus on being the best candidate you can be.

Yes! There are no academic qualifications. You don’t need to be an expert on politics, just willing to learn and work hard!

We’d really encourage you to apply if you identify as:

  • A woman, non-binary or agender
  • A person of colour
  • Having a disability of any kind
  • Neurodivergent

As long as you will be 18 years old by 2 May 2024, and are registered to vote in Bristol, or have lived or worked in Bristol for 12 months, then most likely you are able to stand.

A full list of criteria is available on the Electoral Commission’s website.

We’d encourage it. Please contact Jon, our Elections Officer, on to set up a call with him or one of our existing councillors.