Yassin Mohamud

Candidate for Lawrence Hill

Yassin has lived with his family in St Judes for 15 years and is a well-known community champion locally. He has been working hard to tackle litter and flytipping in the ward, alongside issues like safer streets and tackling racial inequality.

More about Yassin

Lawrence Hill is a great place to live and is home to many communities, but it faces challenges that neither local nor central government have addressed. As councillors, there are many things we could do to address this. These are our priorities.

Being available. We will hold weekly surgeries for residents, in different venues across the ward. We will make online options available for residents who are unable to reach the surgery and will respond to every email from residents within 48 hours. We will represent residents in their dealings with council departments and will keep them informed of developments.

Making Lawrence Hill safer. There is a real problem in the ward with drug use and other antisocial behaviour. We will be constantly pushing those responsible to tackle the problems that residents experience. We are particularly concerned about parks, and the stairwells and foyers in council blocks.

Sorting out flytipping. This is something residents tell us about all the time. We think the council is lax about this, and we will be demanding resources go into identifying and prosecuting offenders.

School places. This is an escalating scandal in the ward. There is a particular problem with secondary school places, now that plans for the proposed new school on Silverthorne Lane have been called in by Whitehall. We will amplify the voices of concerned parents.

Air quality. According to council figures, Lawrence Hill has the worst air quality in the city. The Mayor has consistently promised action, but nothing happens and meanwhile, people continue to die at the rate of 300 a year across the city. We will make action on this a key part of our campaigns.

We have been campaigning on all these issues as private citizens but could do a lot more as your councillors.

Contact us anytime on 07780 603 016 or

Results 2016

The Greens came second in the 2016 election. Since then we are the only party that has campaigned in the area and worked hard on its problems, and many local people who once looked to Labour have come over to us as a result.

Jon and Yassin have been holding regular surgeries, something the councillors failed to do for years. They have organised local campaigns (such as the petition to make Morton Street one way) and supported residents in their attempts to get the council to take action on rats and flytipping. They have also asked questions at council meetings and raised awareness of the excessive developments planned for the area.

Vote for us to turn Lawrence Hill Green for the first time and let Labour know you won’t be ignored any more.

The results of the 2016 election in Lawrence Hill Ward