There are lots of great things about Central Ward. It’s the buzzing centre of the city, with unique independent shops in the Christmas Steps Arts Quarter, Old City and Wapping Wharf, with expansive green space in Castle Park, and significant social housing provision. 

Central also has its problems. Air pollution is a big issue for residents, with Central suffering some of the worst air pollution in the city. 90% of residents live in flats, which has made successive lockdowns even more difficult for many. And more than half of the ward live in private rental, often suffering exploitative landlords.

We are passionate about Central because we live and work here too! At the start of the first lockdown, Ani set up a mutual aid group for our local area. Recently, Simon has been supporting residents with a petition to re-name Colston Street & Colston Avenue. And we are both campaigning for cleaner air in the centre.

Vote Green this May to get action on the issues we all care about!

Contact us anytime using You can also follow us on Twitter @CentralBGP and like our Facebook Page @CentralBristolGreens.

Ani and Simon Stafford Smith standing in a green space


2016 Results

Central Ward was created in 2016 by a boundary review. Most of the ward was previously known as Cabot, which Ani Stafford-Townsend won for the Greens in 2015. In the 2016 election, Labour took both seats. The Greens missed out on a seat by only 7 votes!

A bar chart of the election results in Central Ward in 2016

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