There are lots of great things about living in Clifton Down ward. It’s a vibrant place with great shops, restaurants and cultural venues, as well as quiet residential areas. We are lucky to have the Downs on our doorstep and our own local train station.

But Clifton Down also has its problems. As one of the most densely populated wards in the city, the cost and quality of housing – especially privately rented houses and flats – can leave a lot to be desired. That population density also causes issues with noise pollution, parking, fly tipping and congestion on Whiteladies Road.

Many residents often tell us they are concerned about citywide issues too; such as air pollution and protecting funding for public services like social care for the elderly; and global issues, especially climate change.



Carla Denyer and Tom Hathway, Councillors for Clifton Down ward in Bristol

Your Green Councillors

Carla Denyer

Councillor for Clifton Down

Carla is a Councillor for Clifton Down ward alongside Tom Hathway, MP candidate for Bristol West, and Co-leader of the Green Party of England and Wales. This page is about her role as Councillor.

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