Councillors and Candidates

About Clifton

Clifton is varied: there is prosperity, but there is also social housing in the ward and an elderly population who need facilities maintained, such as bus routes and library services.  

There are important problems that still need to be addressed, including air quality, congestion, parking and graffiti. One of the biggest challenges facing us is the closure of the Zoo, and the campaign to ensure that the legacy for Clifton is a benefit to the ward, and to the whole of Bristol.

And beyond the ward, Clifton needs Councillors who will be their champions on the bigger issues which affect them, such as the Western Harbour development, the promotion of pedestrianization and active transport. 

Be part of an exciting environmental and social agenda –vote for the Green team who really care about Clifton!

Help your Councillors continue their great work

Clifton ward voted in two Green Councillors at the 2016 elections, and since then they have worked tirelessly for improvements in the ward; eg, highways, waste management and parks and planning. Not to forget the trees saved and the work that has been done to develop the Friends of Clifton Library.

Clifton’s green team have also held the Labour administration to account.  As Chair of Scrutiny, Paula has been able to improve transparency on developments both in Temple Quarter and Western Harbour.  Both councillors have ‘held the Mayor’s feet to the fire’ on airport expansion and clean air; and Paula successfully proposed a motion to Reboot Democracy which led to the Citizens’ Assembly, which will guide our recovery from Covid.

Clifton’s shift to a far-sighted Green agenda is consistent with the wider vision for the city – the Green Party won in Bristol in the 2019 European elections with 35% of the vote – a huge increase in support which we expect to sustain.