Guy Poultney

Candidate for Cotham

A former hotelier, call centre worker, and bartender, Guy now works for the Green Party as an organiser. He lives in Cotham with his wife and daughter.

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Mohamed Makawi

Candidate for Cotham

Mohamed has been living in Cotham for more than 20 years and is a former ​aircraft maintenance engineer. He joined the Green Party in 2015 and is a political & human rights activists who campaigns hard to protect the environment and for reduced pollution and clean air.

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Results from 2016

Our candidates Cleo Lake and Guy Poultney together got 32% of the vote, putting us in first place ahead of the Liberal Democrats and Labour.

This time it’s going to be close in Cotham. We need BOTH your votes to make sure we get two hardworking Green councillors. Voting for anyone else, or splitting your votes, risks getting another Labour councillor who just votes with their party.