Your Councillors

Local Green Party campaigners Heather Mack and David Wilcox were elected Councillors for Lockleaze Ward on 6th May as part of a Green surge that saw the party become the joint largest on Council.

David said:

Thank you to everyone who voted. We promise to work hard for you and represent you (whether you voted for us or not!). Our priorities for the next 3 years are:

  • to work with partners to ensure developments respect local wishes and bring improvements to the area.
  • to create safe streets for everyone by introducing traffic calming and reducing speed limits
  • to improve our local environment, by introducing wildflowers and increased biodiversity to our green spaces and acting on fly-tipping.

It's time to have your say on prioritising local projects for community infrastructure levy. Deadline Sunday 19th.

Prioritising local funding

Please read through the list of projects proposed by local residents and organisations and vote for your priority. Lockleaze (ward) residents only:

Vote here

Youth Work in Lockleaze

As your local councillors we are working with police and local youth workers to monitor local anti-social behaviour, and take action/provide support where needed. Although many reports are repeated on social media, Lockleaze does not have a significantly high rate of youth anti-social behaviour or violent crime, and we should all be careful not to vilify any group of people on social media.

The Lockleaze Youth & Play Partnership, which includes The Vench, CYN, local schools, Bristol City Council, Children’s Centre and Police, meet on a regular basis to discuss provision for children and young people aged 0-18 years in the area. Together they are working with the BCC families in focus team to develop contextual safeguarding agreement – a document to link all organisation working on this together to ensure support and provision are as effective as possible within our stretched funding streams. We are looking at increasing the provision of youth work in the area, but often the funding we have for other projects (E.G. a playground) is not suitable because it is one off funding for a physical project.

We are working with The Vench to get more funding for Youth Workers in the area – it is this rather than more spaces/physical infrastructure that is needed.

We are talking to the police and community development workers about hosting a public meeting to discuss the issues. Get in touch or watch this space to find out more.

The Vench, Creative Youth Network and St James’ Church are looking for Volunteer Youth Mentors to increase capacity to support young people, please get in touch with us if you would like to find out more.

South Lockleaze Playground. Location announced!

We are thrilled to have secured almost £100,000 of funding for a playground in South Lockleaze, where there was a really lack of playground provision. We have been consulting with local residents for around 6 weeks and have concluded the Elmcroft/Muller Road location is the best option.
Thanks to everyone who responded to the consultation. We had a good number of responses from a variety of local residents, many with children who would use the facility. Responses were well split between communities near each site.
54% of respondents showed a preference for the Elmcroft/Muller Road site, 31% for the Heyford site and 15% showed no preference. Based on this, and the numerous comments – we will ask the Council’s parks team to move forwards with the planned Muller Road Site. There is still a long road to go as we need to secure another £85,000 in matched funding – which we can now apply for.

Why were only these options proposed?
There are many considerations to be taken into account for a new playground. Firstly, the request for a new playground came mostly from residents in the Shaldon Road area – so it needed to be accessible from there. Secondly, there are often issues which prevent use of a certain site, like underground cables/pipes, or flooding. And we also needed a site that was reasonably overlooked and visible in order to stop vandalism.
Why wasn’t a formal consultation run?
The council has a legal obligation to consult on certain decisions, such as road changes and major developments. A new playground does not fall into this category so the Council provided no funding or resource for a formal consultation. Ultimately the location decision was left to us, as your local councillors. We thought it was important to consult the community, so we have chosen to put our own resources and effort into that, we hand delivered letters to many of the local streets, posted on social media and knocked on doors to hear people’s views.
Why did we not propose a location covering the Lockleaze estate?
We are elected to represent Lockleaze ward – which covers the area of Eastville West of the M32, and the area around Fairfield School. As part of the Council’s Parks and Green spaces strategy Bristol has a max walking distance any residential street should be from a playground – and this area around Muller Road/Shaldon Road is the part of Lockleaze furthest from a playground. We are also pushing for (and hopeful) that there will be a playground in the new Dovercourt development, to cover that area.
Is the air quality by Muller Road dangerous?
We have walked around the area with an air quality monitor at various times in the afternoon/evening to measure the worst air quality, and all readings were within the ‘good’ category – apart from high pollen when we were near tree blossom.

Ultimately there are a lot of compromises to be made, between cost, accessibility and which parts of Lockleaze will be closest to the playground. The Muller rd location was the most popular location, seems to be the best spot, and a new playground will be a fantastic asset for many young families on the nearby streets.
Speaking to parents in the area I heard that most currently drive their children to a playground. This has negative impacts on the environment, on local traffic and air quality, and children’s health, as the worst air quality is often inside a car sat in traffic. So I am thrilled that we have managed to secure this new playground for Lockleaze, and can’t wait for it to open and improve quality of life for many families and children in the area.

Tree planting in Lockleaze Open Space

We had an excellent turnout for a tree planting session in Lockleaze Open Space by the Purdown Tower.

Trees are being planted as part of the One Tree Per Child Scheme.

More dates are planned in the future – come out and get muddy for a good cause!

New Playground Coming

Your local Green councillors successfully gained nearly £90,000 funding for a new playground in Lockleaze. In an area committee meeting of councillors from surrounding wards, Heather and David successfully secured around 2/3rds of the overall Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) funding for Lockleaze. Lockleaze is experiencing a lot of new development, which brings this funding to the wider area, and has a real lack of playgrounds. Residents have raised need this over and over and Heather and David were thrilled to support this bid made by local residents. The purpose of this funding is to counter some of the negative impacts of new developments and focus on areas of deprivation, such as some parts of Lockleaze. The playground’s exact location is yet to be confirmed, but it will be in South Lockleaze on Purdown, which is the most significant gap between playgrounds.

Funding was also granted to support The Vench provide spaces for the Little Foxes nursery, a valuable asset to our community. 

There will be an opportunity to bid for more money from this fund next year – so please do submit your ideas to Heather and David.

Sir Johns Lane to be given an All-Weather Surface

The steepest and muddiest section of Sir Johns Lane will be closed from the 16th of December 2021 and the 11th of February 2022, so that an All-Weather Surface can be installed.

This will make this important safe route to school more accessible for everyone.


From Council Officer Robert Harris: A brief update on the Trinity works.

Brangwyn Grove Footpath Fencing and Gate
Works were due to commence on 01/11/21

Romney Avenue Crossing
WPD are due back on 9th November to connect. There has been a delay due to services around the area where WPD need to connect.
Once this is done the lining can be completed and commissioned

Constable Road Crossing
Centregreat are installing beacons on 1st November
WPD are due to connect on 9th November also.
Once this is done the lining can be completed and commissioned

Station Lane Improvements
Waiting on a date for this from the contractor
There is also some remedial signing and lining to be done.

Cotman Walk Footpath
Sustainable Drainage Strategy being drafted. Full planning application to follow once amendments to the proposal are made based on this, and other feedback from internal stakeholders.

Help us fight the changes to the 5 Bus Service.

We are very concerned about the changes to the 5 Bus service. The loss of a Sunday Service and the very early last bus on Weekdays and Saturdays is a massive blow to our community.

We are fighting this change with FirstBus, but we need your help – can you please sign this petition: 

The more people who sign this petition, the more ammunition we have when we speak to FirstBus!

Romney house development update

Unfortunately we have no update on the Romney House development following it’s approval with conditions at the September planning meeting. We understand there will be conditions about height – which was a significant concern for local residents and for us as your councillors.

Garden waste collection to resume!

We’re pleased to announce that garden waste collections will resume from Monday 11 October 2021. Garden sack collections will also resume on this date and are bookable via the Council website We’d like to thank everyone for their patience and understanding during this time and apologise again for the disruption to the service.

We will be notifying subscribers later today and sharing information on our social channels @bristolwaste @BristolCouncil.

Collections will take place on the regularly scheduled dates. Anyone wishing to check their collection date can do so using the Collection day finder on the Bristol City Council website. Just click on the ‘Find your bin collection day’ button on the home page.

The interim drop-off points will close on Friday, 15 October.

Protecting wildlife and increasing biodiversity in Lockleaze

As Green Party councillors we take Bristol’s commitment to improving biodiversity and ecology very seriously.

We are awaiting the Action Plan that will spell out the changes needed to fulfil our Ecological Emergency Strategy.

In the meantime Heather has been working with the BCC parks team to agree a reduction to the current mowing regime to allow for more flowers and long grass.

There is are also plans for more trees on Purdown and Downend

Helpful contacts in Lockleaze