Your Councillors

Martin and Fi are respected ward councillors, working hard for residents and the ward. They are known for actively tackling case work and responding to local issues as well as pressing the council on local concerns like parking issues, securing funding for road safety, getting crumbling roads repaired, and park benches replaced.

They have been active in pressing the council to tackle illegal air quality, rat running, to save the 20mph speed limit when reviewed, and to promote our local traders.

They have both been working hard to ensure residents concerns and complaints are tackled promptly for many years and would be honoured to continue to represent everyone in Redland.

Re-elect your experienced, hard-working councillors Fi and Martin to represent Redland ward.

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Martin Fodor

Councillor for Redland

Martin was first elected Councillor for Redland ward in 2014 and reelected in 2016. He’s been an active councillor representing the ward since then, dealing promptly with case work, securing repairs and responses to residents’ problems, and being a regular attendee at community events and council meetings.

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