Your Councillors

Christine Townsend and Tony Dyer were elected as councillors for Southville in May 2021. Christine said, “Tony and I were delighted to be elected to represent Southville ward as part of Bristol City Council on May 6th. We are replacing Charlie and Steve and we continue to keep Southville Green.”

“A massive thank you to all of those who voted for us. It’s an honour to be in a position of elected responsibility, and we are determined to live up both to your high standards and those set by our previous councillors.”

Christine and Tony’s immediate priorities are those you raised on the doorstep, including advocating for:

  • A consultation on the extension of the Residential Parking Zone to incorporate the south side of North Street
  • Introducing School Streets for the Myrtle Street site of Southville Primary
  • More liveable neighbourhoods in and around the Greville Road area

While the power to make these changes is largely in the hands of the Mayor, they will take each and every opportunity to challenge him to deliver the changes needed in these areas and keep residents updated using all channels available.

The Councillors are also closely monitoring proposals for numerous new developments across the ward and are in touch with developers to represent the views of local residents.

Tony Dyer and Christine Townsend, Green Councillors for Southville