We’re Jasmine and Ellie, your local Green team for Bedminster ward. We’re proud to be standing for election here on 2nd May. It’s been such a pleasure meeting so many of you this last year and we’re so thankful for the support people here are showing us. We wanted to let you know a bit more about why we’re standing to be your new councillors in a few weeks’ time.

Jasmine is an NHS physiotherapist at the BRI. She has lived in Bedminster for the last seven years and in South Bristol all her life. She grew up on Yew Tree Farm and has been heavily involved in the campaign to protect it, working closely with and learning from experienced Green councillors from our area and across the city.

Ellie has lived in South Bristol for 14 years and now Bedminster is in her blood! Previously in the civil service, she is the chair of Action Greater Bedminster. Her work there has included helping local people create a community manifesto for the Whitehouse Street development, running a series of BS3 Beyond 2025 community conversations, and supporting libraries, Safer Streets projects, and the Bedminster High Streets Task Force.

Between us we have a really broad range of skills and experience in the community, and we work well as a team. As your councillors, we’ll be able to get a lot done for Bedminster.

Your Green Councillor

Ellie Freeman

Candidate for Bedminster

Ellie has lived in Bristol since 2003. As Chair of Action Greater Bedminster from 2018-2023, Ellie worked with community partners to improve our neighbourhood. Her ten years of working in the civil service have given her the tools and knowledge necessary to get things done for Bedminster.

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Jasmine Beard

Candidate for Bedminster

Jasmine has lived in Bedminster for seven years, and in Bristol her whole life. Her career in the NHS and her experience working at Weston General Hospital and the BRI show just how determined she is to help our communities.

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