There are lots of wonderful things about Windmill Hill: parks and green spaces, lots of small and independent local businesses as well as the local Mosque and the Windmill Hill Community Centre. It is a friendly and lively place with a great community spirit. But it also has its share of problems.

We need to ensure we have safe and liveable streets we can walk and breathe in – St Johns Lane has some of the worst pollution in Bristol. This is likely to get worse as the Clean Air Zone is implemented, which does not include St Johns Lane, so more of the dirtiest vehicles will use it.

Our doorknocking throughout the ward shows that a majority of people support a congestion charge and Clean Air Zone. 

People tell us that rogue parking and rat-running are already problems. The nearby “low-car” developments might make this worse, with additional parking spilling onto local streets. 

We also need to resist high rise building and digital advertising screens from defacing our local environment. 

As your Green candidates, we want to make sure housing developers think about the people who live here now as well as in the future. The Council and developers agreed on a framework, but are not sticking to it. We will work hard to control developers and make sure they pay a fair share to contribute to keeping Windmill Hill a great place to live.

2016 Election Results


The Green Party won in Bristol in the 2019 European elections with 35% of the vote – a huge surge of support, and Windmill Hill previously had a Green councillor (Deb Joffe). In the 2016 local elections, the Greens came a close second to Labour.

Windmill Hill 2016 results